Since I was 13 yrs old, I was always reading Kerrang and Guitar magazines, so I wanted to either be a rock star or the guy that took these pictures of my idols. I started out learning guitar for years, been in several Metal/Rock bands, but thought it was way too hard to become a “Rock Star” so I thought concert photographer would be a lot easier, how wrong was I.
But it’s the best thing I ever did. 

In my spare time I enjoy getting out photographing the great outdoors, there’s nothing quite like it, it places you in another world.
But nothing beats the buzz and excitement of being in the pit photographing some of my childhood heroes, and the New Rock Stars of today.
Now with a few concerts and festivals under my belt, I'm proud to say I'm a published photographer, with my work being shown on CD's, publications, magazines, online magazines, websites etc.

And so my journey so far has been quite overwhelming to say the least, and I’m blessed to be given these opportunities to do what I love doing.
Never give up your hopes or dreams, you never know where they can lead you, because you never know who’s watching.
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